Patterns - Anok Dress

In todays post we are introducing our brand new pattern. 

Keep it cool and classy in this effortlessly elegant trapeze dress! At its core, the Anok a-line dress is a princess seamed dress with a rounded square neckline and in-seam pockets. It’s fitted through the shoulders and bust and flares away from the waist and hips. 

When it comes to sleeves and ruffles, the Anok dress is the ultimate “choose your own adventure!” Go for a chic sleeveless, an on-trend puff or a modern cap sleeve.  The ruffle, butterfly and snail sleeves are cut in spirals and float down the dress front or side seams. Feeling a bit extra? Combine them for even more sleeve drama!



The Anok dress is best in light to medium weight fabrics with a bit of structure to hold the gathers and angled seams. Cottons, chambrays and linens are excellent options.


With comprehensive instructions and three bust cup options for getting the fit just right, the Anok dress is perfect for the adventurous beginner sewist! 

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