Meet the Designer


There’s nothing quite like creating something new with your own two hands. Few things in the world straddle the line of wonderful and necessary as sewing does. My mom showed me that from an early age.

The word Kosedo actually comes from Papiamento; it’s the language they speak in Curacao, the country in the Caribbean where my mom was born. She was a seamstress herself, and the absolute definition of fabulous.

I remember getting my first handwheel sewing machine for my 5th birthday; I fell in love instantly. Over the years, you could find me playing with different patterns and sketching designs. I went on to study dressmaking and fashion development in school. It really seems like only yesterday I was just getting started.

I took my real first steps into the fashion industry about 15 years ago as a design assistant but quickly found my way to pattern making. It fit me like a perfectly tailored sway back blouse.

Throughout the years, I’ve developed designs as a garment technician for brands like Mexx, Pelle Pelle, Karl Kani, Cross Colours, and Tommy Hilfiger. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world while visiting and working with different factories. After witnessing, firsthand, the environmental and socio-economical impact of the fashion industry, I wanted to do something to help get us back on track.

Sustainability has become a core pillar of Kosedo Studios and my personal life; I hope by teaching people to sew, they’ll develop more respect for the skill and time it takes to create a single piece of clothing in, what we in the industry refer to as, slow fashion.

When I’m not working on my business, you’ll find me sifting through bold, colorful, African-inspired prints to use for new designs. Because I live in the Netherlands, I often long for the warm sun and Caribbean colors; these patterns help brighten up the winter months.


Why I developed a unique size chart?

In my mind, indie means uniqueness, thinking outside the box, representing minorities and making decisions based on my own values and beliefs. Instead of following the mainstream. I follow my own fashion sense and style. As an independent designer I work closely with the sewing community to serve their needs.

Although there has been a shift toward plus size fashion in recent years, mainstream sizing systems still don’t always take into account smaller women with fuller busts, hips, and booty. My clothes, patterns, and unique sizing chart offer solutions that are designed with curves in mind. I’m surrounded by curvy girls everyday, in fact, I’m a curvy girl myself and it’s about time that there are patterns created by us for us.

I can truly say I’ve found my calling and I would love for you to join as I learn and grow in my passion. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook and come along on my sewing journey and shenanigans.