Assembling your patterns

You will need:


Scissors - not your fabric scissors!

Tape - writable tape with it not too sticky so if you tape wrong you can quickly correct it.

Paper – 75 GSM because it is lighter it’s a little bit transparent which helps with aligning the pages. 

Paper cutting machine/trimmer – This helps with cutting up multiple pages at the same time.  




1. Each tile (page) has a number centered on the page. The tiles are ordered from left to right. The are also edges and triangles 











    2. You can find the pattern tiling layout on your sewing instruction document. The pattern tiling layout gives you an overview of how the patterns should look when all pages are tiled.













    3. Cut along the border lines (one long side and one short side) on each piece of paper.


    4. Align border lines and the little triangles to match up the pages and tape them together. Make sure to match up the triangles. 

    5. After taping all pieces together you can cut out your patterns.