Freebie - Headband and scruncie with display

The scrunchie is a ’90s hair accessory and it's back in style here to stay. From ponytails, to messy buns, to half-updos, there are a number of ways to wear a scrunchie. Check out the Kosedo Studio scrunchie pattern in 3 different sizes with the instruction included. This pattern is a true scrap buster.

Along with the scrunchie comes the headband pattern. It is designed with an aluminum wire to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. The wire makes it easy to style and shape your headband as you like. 

Both patterns come with the instructions included. Bonus! The patterns come with these display heads.  These are wonderful to display your handmade headbands and scrunchies. The displays are easy to make. Just print them on card stock or laminate them as we did here.  

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